We announce an extraordinary event in the world of training: we met in Madrid, on Saturday 14th of September, in a single day of conferences , two of the best worldwide trainers. It is a unique and unrepeatable occasion to enjoy in Europe these two great trainers and participate in knowledge and great experience of Karen Pryor and Kay Laurence together in Madrid.

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As a culmination of the conferences, Kay Laurence will offer a workshop on Sunday 15th. Registration is separate from the conferences.

Location: Paseo de la Habana 83, 28036 Madrid (Spain)
9:30 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:30

The conferences are in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.


We can add value to our click through attention to what happens before the behaviour and the reinforcer to compliment that behaviour. A 1% difference may not seem very relevant or important but has a 100% impact on the student and in the result. We will develop the true meaning of the click. Everything is in the detail: small changes produce large differences.

This detailed attention will ensure the click becomes relevant, salient and very significant in our efforts to lead the learner to success.

KAREN PRYOR CONFERENCE: The Wonderful World of Clicker Training
I would talk about some of the scientific discoveries that have come out of clicker training. I would talk and show videos about all the amazing things people are doing with clicker training, including with zoo animals and horses and even a little on children and sports. I would explain how modern training differs from conventional training and why it is so powerful, scientifically. I would also give some personal stories.

Kay Laurence

kay laurenceKay has lived intimately with many dogs over many years observing their daily interactions, their puppy rearing and sharing in their activities. They skilfully teach the art of living as a harmonious group and developing connection. This understanding and skill is shared through the new book Every Dog Every Day and the workshops where a consistent high quality of results with a range of different dogs and people is achieved.

With her passion for understanding dogs and her experience of teaching, Kay leads the way in developing practical techniques that will leave you with and a with great sense of personal achievement and connection to your dog.

Kay has been a presenter at the Karen Pryor Clicker Expo over 15 times and continues to enjoy exploring new cities in the US. A regular presenter at the ORCA "Wicked Minds" Conference at the University of North Texas. Presenter at the Australia APDT Conference, Sydney 2011, Pet Dog Training Instructors Conference 2013.

Kay is considered one of the world’s top clicker trainers. With 10 titles published and translated into German, French and Spanish, her exciting course of books and videos brings you her unique combination of talents.

Karen Pryor

Writer and biologist, specializing in behavior. It was one of the founders and pioneers in training dolphins at Sea Life Park in Hawaii, where he worked with BF Koranz Skinner and Lorenz.
It enjoys an international reputation as a scientist both in the field of behavioral psychology and biology in marine mammals. She has worked with the federal Marine Mammal Commission and advised on learning behavior and human and animal diverse organizations from NASA to the National Zoological Park. She is a member of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Sciences.
In his first book, Nursing Your Baby, has sold over two million copies. Other books that have had an excellent reception are: Do not shoot the dog!, Introduction to clicker training and Learning and animal mind, among others. Pryor is also the author or co-authored more than thirty scientific papers and is the founder and CEO of Sunshine Books, Inc., a company specializing in publications about the behavior.